Before and After- Porcelain Rose Earrings.

I love pink. So much so that sometimes I get little carried away. A couple of years ago, I had repurposed these earrings that were originally clip earrings just by adding some pink beads I thought complimented the design.


I listed them in my Etsy shop, and they just sat there. Maybe no one else is quite as wild about pink as I am. I didn’t get to sell them, because just a few weeks after listing them, I packed up all my jewelry and closed up my shop for over a year while we figured out where to move, packed up and sold our house, and bought the one we now live it. Whew.

The great thing about creating jewelry- especially repurposing jewelry, is that you can disassemble and reassemble whenever you want to. When I was unpacking all of my inventory, getting ready to re-open my Etsy shop a couple of months ago, I looked at these earrings and realized they were no longer giving me the feels they once did. So, I took them apart and started thinking about new ideas. Maybe something that wasn’t quite so pink.

I tried them with other beads, and already, the earrings looked prettier. Then,urning the vintage gold leaf and rose portion sideways, as saw them in a whole new way. I realized there were alternate ways I could attach these to the ear wires that I hadn’t thought of before.

Here’s their re-redesign. Now, I got the feels for them all over again. I just re-listed them in my Etsy shop. And if enough people see them, I’m sure someone will love them like I do. Head over there and see what you think! Resparkable Vintage

IMG_8688 (1).jpg