“it’s always good to remember where you came from and celebrate it.❤️ to remember where you came from is part of where you’re going” -anthony burgess

as i’m getting ready to list some things i’m excited to share over in my Etsy shop, i’ve been not only rummaging around in boxes of vintage jewelry, but i've been happily leafing through my books about costume jewelry. i like to learn as much as i can, so that i can pass along good information to potential buyers. and honestly, it’s just so fun and interesting to me.

just a few of my books on costume jewelry… and a sweet pair of Sarah Coventry heart earrings 💙

just a few of my books on costume jewelry… and a sweet pair of Sarah Coventry heart earrings 💙

sometimes, costume jewelry is stamped with the manufacturers’ trademark- like the rhinestone hearts pictured above. i know they’re sarah coventry because on the back of the hearts, the metal is stamped “sarah cov”. that makes it much easier to trace back the origin of when these were first sold. more often than not, vintage jewelry isn’t stamped tho. maybe at one point, it came in a box or had a tag, but often, that’s long gone so many years later. and not having a stamp, or a tag makes things quite a bit tricker. but the more you learn about vintage jewelry, the easier it is to make an educated guess on it’s history regardless of if there is a stamp marking or not.

such a large part of the charm of buying something vintage is that it’s been around the block, and has a story all it’s own. i like to think back to what the fashion of the time was like, what was going on in the world, and how special that sparkly that little trinket was to someone so many years ago. I LOVE THAT.

so, something i’d like to spend more time on when i list an item to sell from now on, is letting others know how these sparkly things originally came into the world. then from there, the adventure can continue…