High Five from the Universe

Over the weekend, while we were out of town visiting friends in Boerne, I got a notification that I had sold something in my Resparkable Vintage Etsy shop.  I realized it was my 100th sale!  Upon noticing this, it also occurred to me that I had gotten so busy with some other things lately, I hadn't spend much time listing things for that little shop. 

Within minutes of thinking that thought, I reached into my overnight bag, in a pocket I hadn't checked since I was on vacation last summer.  There, I found a little zip lock baggy filled with supplies for jewelry making that I bought while in Boulder last summer.  Just a couple of spools of wire, and several feet of chain I really like.

a little bag of goodies i had forgotten all about

a little bag of goodies i had forgotten all about

Although the contents of this little baggy may seem unexciting, it's actually very meaningful! First of all, for a while (evidently over a year!) I've been wondering if I just dreamed that I had bought wire.  I think I've bought a replacement but I know this color is better.  But more importantly, I felt very much like this was the Universe's "high five" to my 100th Etsy sale, and a sign of encouragement to keep repurposing beautiful vintage jewelry!

We had been set to move this fall, so I had boxed up much of my jewelry making paraphernalia, but that move has been put on hold for just a bit.  So, maybe it's time to unbox some things and create some new pieces.  Stay tuned!