Things that Sparkle

I have a thing for vintage jewelry.  I’ve been collecting it for many years.  Everything from brooches to watches to beads to shoe clips . There’s something special about different eras, and so I don’t have a clear cut favorite. I love them all, for various reasons.

Sometimes, I find old pieces that are in great condition and all they need is some cleaning. More often, because of how old and loved many of these things are, they are in need of some serious TLC.  These vintage pieces I so adore need some updates, or re-imagining. Then, rather than sit in the back of a drawer, they can be out on the town with someone who, like me, loves the charm of vintage jewelry.

And THAT is what Resparkable Vintage is all about! 

1940s Sweater Clip. Repurposed Vintage Necklace.

1940s Sweater Clip. Repurposed Vintage Necklace.

Helping vintage jewelry find it's sparkle again!

Handmade with care and consideration, and always one-of-a-kind.